This Legacy Planning Platform will Prepare You and Your Family for Life's Unexpected events

Do you think you have to prepare your estate but cannot afford high attorney fees?
Do you wonder how to get the best life insurance policies that fit you & your family without the pressure?
Do you worry how/ if your loved ones will have complete access to all insurance, legal & financial information  in the future or if you were not around? 
If you answered YES to any of these questions,  LEGACYARMOUR is for you!


What is LegacyArmour?

LegacyArmour is a Legacy Planning Platform powered by an Artificial Intelligence engine where you organize your important assets in encrypted vaults to have it automatically delivered to designated recipients based on date, death or incapacitation

Why use LegacyArmour?

Your Estate

Estate planning documents are provided to make your wishes known to loved ones

Your Finances

Guard your financial assets by letting loved ones know where they are if something happens to you

Your Medical

Secure access to health directive and medical information by emergency services and health providers

Cost Effective

Save cost by using our built-in planning tools before meeting an advisor or do it all by yourself

Now, You are in control of your Own Legacy in 4 Easy Steps

Choose Delivery Trigger

Deliver information to your recipients manually, on a date, after death or incapacitation

Select Your Recipients

Designate up to two recipients or beneficiaries for each vault with instructions

Select Your Delegates

Designate others to manage the content of your vaults with you before it gets delivered

Upload Your Files

Organize information such as insurance, financial, legal, medical & family memories then upload it


We encrypt your files with customized encryption keys so that only you and your recipients can decrypt that information

Most sites that claim to encrypt your files only do it after they are uploaded

Why does that make a difference?

Because if your files are encrypted after uploading, that means that any hacker could intercept your files as they were being uploaded

Read more about security here!

All Plans Include

  • Estate planning documents to fill out, sign then upload
  • Life Insurance quoter tool
  • Legacy Planning checklist to keep track of your progress
  • Encrypted vaults to secure all your important information
  • Automatic delivery of documents to designated recipients
  • A LegacyArmour health wallet card for limited access by EMS services to health directive
  • Delivery based on date, death or incapacitation
  • Personalized messages for each recipient
  • Annual reminders to keep recipient information up-to-date


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q How does your life monitoring work?
    A LegacyArmour monitors the well-being of an individual using two methods. The first method checks the social security master death file for any matches with ones we have. The other method sends a “heartbeat” to the individual and expects a response. Failure to respond 3 times triggers release of the information stored in the vaults.
  • Q How Secure is LegacyArmour?
    A We care about your security. We encrypt your data inside a vault using your own encryption keys based on shared passphrases that you designate between you and your recipients when you upload your documents. We can never access the content of your vault. This is the way all encryption software should work. 

What customers are saying about LegacyArmour

  • Sarah Sukar

    I don't have many assets yet, but I gave my parents a prepaid subscription to LegacyArmour as a gift to make sure I have access to their health, legal and estate information in case of an emergency!

  • The Lesters

    We now have the peace of mind, knowing we have made the right decision in protecting what is most important to us; our family and our legacy.

All The Tools You Need To Protect Your Family In One Place

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